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"I have really enjoyed the use of the Sure Grip hand controls that we have been using since January 2017. They are very easy to install, which is one of the best features as an instructor. Less time is always better! The electric controls are very easy to use and require very little energy. Patients are loving them. I really love having the gas and brake on the passenger side of the car. I feel like I have more control over the vehicle with the instructor accelerator and brake. These hand controls and instructor options have turned our program into a better, safer functioning program. Thank you to everyone at Sure Grip for helping make this happen!"


Ginny Roehm, OTR/L

Occuational Therapist | Certified Driving Instructor

Rehabilitation Services

OSF Healthcare Saint Francsis Medical Center






"On November 30th 2015 I had the opportunity to install the new Featherlite® Left foot accelerator into a 2015 Tesla Model S, Due to the lithium battery location of the Tesla a mechanical floor mounted LFA was not an option. With the help Sure Grip we were able to provide a solution to this client with the installation of the Featherlite®.


The staff at Sure Grip has really out done themselves with this product, from the ease of installation and programming all the way to end user operation. The LFA controller is small enough to be placed anywhere under the dash, and the lock-out button is flush mount and of extremely high quality. The installation on the Tesla was unique because of the limited information that was available from the manufacturer, but the experienced electronics department at Sure Grip this was not a road block, not even a speed bump.


Installation time 2-4 hours vehicle dependent (obviously)


Ease of Installation


Product quality


Ease of operation


Customer satisfaction


My overall opinion of the Featherlite®, this is the best new product to the mobility industry in years and I cannot stress enough how pleased everyone involved with this install was.


Thanks again to the staff at Sure Grip for an awsome product, and a special thanks to Russ, Ashley and Dane for making this possible for our client."


Mike Hill

Ride Away





“Love the hand controls, gives me a lot more leg room. I am 6”1’ and have a lot of legs and love the way that I can push the pedal to the floor with your right angle. Wish that this would have been available when I got my CTS done last time. Love the feel and lack of resistance. Real smooth operation and acceleration. I have been driving with Right angles for 27 years, and I have noticed a huge difference with these Sure Grip hand controls. So happy that R & R Mobility suggested Sure Grip.“


Scott Kauffman

Happy R & R Mobility customer





"I have been using Sure Grip Hand Controls since 1992. One big benefit I have found with the new FeatherLite® Hand Controls is that is is much easier to get into driving position. With having long legs and using a Valet Plus Seat to transfer into the van, I have found it difficult in the past to clear my right leg past the gas rod. With the new FeatherLite® Hand Controls there is no gas rod to impede my transfer. Also, with the ability to set the tension on the gas, you have a more personalized hand control and driving experience. I can see how this will help people with arm pain or arm weakness as well. This will help a lot of people in the future."


Don Johnston






"I have the FeatherLite® Push/Rock Hand Controls installed in my 2016 Toyota Sienna and absolutely love how much knee space the new style hand controls provide! They are effortless to use as well. Very happy with them! Switching over the pedals to the hand controls is very simple, much easier than the older style. Thank you Sure Grip!"


Kadi DeHaan

Clock Conversions






“SureGrip’s Featherlite® Electronic Hand Controls not only had a no hassle installation, but they removed bars and hardware that at times have given certain clients trouble in our vehicles.  Switching the Featherlite® Hand Controls out was easy and simple. It makes it a great set of hand controls to use in an evaluation vehicle.  Working with our vendor to get the settings right on the Featherlite's® was easy and it gave us a lot of control to get everything set just the way we wanted it.  The Featherlite® Hand Controls offer great management of space in the driver’s

area and a nice, natural motion for both gas and brake."


Chris Pettit



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