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FeatherLite® System – The future of hand controls

FeatherLite® Application

Compatibility List

Installation time and robustness:

  • Digital calibration: Precisely calibrates our system to mimic the OEM pedal in a matter of seconds.
  • Advanced diagnostic indicators to guide the installation and diagnose issues.
  • Dual microprocessors , redundancy and integration with the standard OEM fault tolerance to ensure that there is no loss of safety.


Safety Features:

  • Buzzer for activation notifications and brake-throttle notifications.
  • Intelligent activation will only allow swapping between systems at idle.
  • Fully redundant signal processing. System will only activate if redundant microcontrollers agree.
  • Hand control sensor test and automatic calibration every ignition cycle ensures the maximum safety without sacrificing performance.



  • Automatic recalibration over the life of the system means that you will never find dead spots in your accelerator. Always achieve the responsive driving feel from the hand controls.
  • City Mode feature allows for an optional sensitivity adjustment.
  • Instant acceleration responsiveness gives the same feel of the OEM pedal, which is unachievable with mechanical gas systems.
  • Spring tension adjustment allows for a hand control that meets your strength requirements.
  • No gas rod means increased leg and lap room.
  • Single source acceleration means that only one driving device can be active at a time (OEM pedal or hand control).
  • Activation button provides an easy and deliberate way to switch between the OEM pedal and hand control.

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